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Saturday Sweetness

You can find Steve and Big Boss every Saturday at Marsh Supermarket in Warsaw, Indiana whipping up some of the best pork you've ever tasted. Its always a good time and great atmosphere. Not only does Steve do the street corner but Big Boss also has a catering service for large events and private get togethers! To learn more or ask about catering Contact Big Boss.



Spirited or Sensual?

Which flavor fits you?  Spirited is our tongue wagging, lip smack'n, sauce with some heat.  If that doesn't quite fit what you are looking for, maybe you are more of a Sensual type.  Our Sensual BBQ sauce is sure to have that sweet, luscious taste that will leave you craving more and more!


Custom Labels

Want to impress a client or have some unique advertising for yourself?  Choose either Spirited or Sensual BBQ Sauce, submit a 5"x2" picture and we will have your custom designed sauce sent to your door.

"We have given over 70 bottles of Big Boss BBQ's terrific BBQ sauces (with
our company logo on each one) to prospective new clients around the Midwest.
They have all told us how much they appreciated this unique "calling card"
and many have reported back later about how good the product is too.
Another terrific INDIANA made product!" --- Bruce Kidd, Sr. Vice President,
Walker Information
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From the Pen,

To the Plate

The Big Boss connections starts with the FAMILY farm. Not only is Big Boss the place to get good pork, Steve Sands (owner and founder)” THE PORK COMMANDER, helps his brothers & nephews raises the pigs to full size on their operation in Silver Lake, IN. roughly 38 000 head per year are raised for INDIANA Pac..a processing plant in Delphi IN and then bought back to be served as the amazing pork RIBS, SHOULDER , PORK LOIN, BACON you've come to enjoy. So you see its not just any ol pig your getting when you bite into a juicy piece of barbecue from Big Boss. It has been raised specifically for you in that moment from the very beginning


More than a Brand

Big Boss BBQ is so much more than a street corner barbeque joint. Big Boss is the essence of what it means to be a barbeque lover. Anyone who has had the savory, delicious, mouth-watering taste of Big Boss will testify to that. There's a reason folks line up out the door every Saturday and its to get what they can only describe as the Big Boss flavor. No one else compares and thats a fact!

Steven Sands

Farmer, Father, Pork Lover, Actor, Businessman

More than just a street corner, pork lovin barbecue guy. Steve has a large resume of successful ventures including debuts in local commercials, national promotions, and has even been in an advertising video with Brad Paisley. There is more to Steve than what meets the eye. Stay up to date with his recent accomplishments and follow The Boss wherever he goes!